Herzog pays condolence call to family of Noam Raz
Herzog pays condolence call to family of Noam Raz Spokesperson

President Isaac Herzog and his wife Michal on Monday evening paid a condolence visit to the family of Yamam counterterrorism unit fighter Noam Raz, who was killed during a security operation in Jenin.

The President and his wife spoke with Noam's parents, wife and six children. Noam's father came from the hospital to the Shiva in order to meet the President, after undergoing a complex operation in recent days.

The President turned to Noam's wife and told her, "Your words at Noam's funeral moved me greatly. We do not have the ability to fix reality, but Noam made a great contribution to the security of the country and there is no greater virtue than that."

At the conclusion of the visit, the President and his wife expressed their condolences and added that in the past year they have adopted a custom of being available for any help the family members may need later on.