Arab rioters (archive)
Arab rioters (archive)Flash90

Violent riots broke out in multiple locations in eastern Jerusalem Monday night during the funeral of a man who died after being injured during a riot on the Temple Mount last month.

In one incident in At-Tur, a terrorist attempted to run over a group of Border Policemen.

The officers fired at the vehicle's tires and arrested five people who were inside it. No injuries were reported during the attack.

Officers responded to rioters who threw rocks and firebombs at them.

Footage from the riots showed the officers walking on the street as objects are thrown at them from the roofs of houses.

Six policemen were lightly injured from rock throwers. Two of them were evacuated for medical treatment. A total of 15 rioters were arrested.

The riots occurred during the funeral of Walid al-Sharif, a rioter who fell and hit his head after throwing stones at security forces on the Temple Mount in April. He was severely injured and taken to the hospital, where he subsequently died.

Police are continuing to attempt to bring the riots under control.