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For the first time since the start of fighting, Israel’s Ambassador to Ukraine returned this evening for a visit to Kyiv, with the goal of examining a return to activity in the city as soon as possible*

Israel’s Ambassador to Ukraine Michael Brodsky and a number of diplomats from the staff of the Israeli Embassy in Ukraine returned this evening to the city of Kyiv, almost three months after they evacuated from the city on February 21st.

Their goal is to conduct diplomatic discussions with the government of Ukraine and examine the possibility of returning Israel’s Embassy in Ukraine to its regular working routine in Kyiv.

Ambassador Brodsky and the Embassy staff are expected to remain in Kyiv for a number of days during which they will return to the Embassy building, once again raise the Israeli flag, and meet with Ukrainian government officials, representatives of the Jewish community, representatives of foreign embassies, and the local staff of the Embassy who remained in Kyiv.