Axe found in terrorist's car
Axe found in terrorist's carצילום: דוברות המשטרה

A terror attack was foiled in Samaria early Monday morning, when a Palestinian Arab man armed with an axe was arrested en route to a planned attack.

The terrorist, a resident of Al-Bireh near Ramallah, was arrested before dawn Monday at Tapuah Junction in Samaria.

While driving through a checkpoint at the junction, the terrorist aroused the suspicion of soldiers at the checkpoint. The soldiers instructed the terrorist to pull over, allowing them to inspect his vehicle.

During the inspection, soldiers discovered an axe and a suicide note. The note detailed the terrorist’s plans to murder Jews.

The terrorist was arrested and transferred for interrogation.

According to a preliminary investigation, the terrorist had driven around the area for an hour, searching for Jews waiting alone at bus stops, hoping to find a vulnerable target.