Yomtob Kalfon
Yomtob KalfonIsrael National News

The Yamina party is searching for a solution which will allow Yomtob Kalfon to return to the Knesset after he was forced out of the legislative body by the resignation of Religious Affairs Minister Matan Kahana.

Israel National News has learned that among the proposals raised over the weekend was to appoint MK Nir Orbach to the post of Settlement Affairs Minister so that he would resign from the Knesset and vacate his seat to MK Yomtov Kalfon who would assume MK Orbach's seat.

Kalfon was offered a number of other positions outside the Knesset to placate him.

On Friday, Prime Minister Naftali Bennett's diplomatic adviser Shimrit Meir resigned after one year. Meir reportedly clashed with Bennett's Chief of Staff, Tal Gan-Tzvi, who has attempted to pull Bennett further to the right.

Earlier, Israel National News reported that Matan Kahana's resignation as Religious Affairs Minister is meant to be temporary and he intends to return to his role as minister after the current coalition crisis passes.

Kahana is expected to be appointed Deputy Religious Affairs Minister tomorrow, and in the meantime the Religious Affairs will remain in the hands of Prime Minister Naftali Bennett.

Coalition sources tell Israel National News that in the coming weeks, Kahana will be reappointed to the post of Religious Affairs Minister. This is after the coalition will make sure that it has a majority of 60 MKs for the move and of course will determine whether MK Idit Silman will vote in favor of his return.

There is expected to be little change in the functioning of the Religious Affairs Ministry during the period Kahana will be a deputy minister instead of a full-fledged minister.

Kahana's office is currently examining whether he can be responsible for the Lag B'Omer celebrations on Mount Meron as Deputy Religious Affairs Minister.