Israel Police on Friday night arrested a 19-year-old terrorist near the community of Tzur Yitzhak in central Israel.

The terrorist, a resident of Tulkarem, is suspected of illegally crossing the security barrier and while in possession of a knife, a rock, and a letter stating his intention to carry out a terror attack on Israeli territory.

Footage published by Israel Police shows the suspect kneeling while the officers handcuff him, question him, and remove his knife, rock, and letter.

In a statement, Israel Police said, "The suspect was initially arrested and held for 96 hours for security crimes, and he was then transferred for interrogation by the Central District's Central Unit. Later, he will be brought for a court hearing, where it will be requested that his arrest be extended until justice is served."

Chief Superintendent Elad Klein, who commands the Tayibe police station, said, "Police foiled a terror attack - there is no question about it. This is a resident of the [Palestinian Authority-controlled] territories who entered Israel illegally, armed with a knife, and during a search we found that he possessed a letter in which he clearly stated that he intended to carry out a terror attack.

"Here we must emphasize that the proper combination of civilian awareness, swift reporting, and a determined response, saved lives. The suspect was arrested, jailed, and transferred to security forces for interrogation."