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VAYDABEIR HASHEM EL MOSHE LEIMOR. This most common pasuk in the Torah occurs 69 times.

One further time, VHEML is followed by ANI HASHEM ...
VHEML occurs in the in the books of Sh'mot, Vayikra, and Bamidbar. There are 31 sedras in that range. 22 have at least one VHEML. EMOR has the most: 11 times. Other sedras have 1 to 6 times, making Emor stand out as the leader.

Obviously, this is TT's way of getting into the main point of this Lead Tidbit. Hope you're enjoying it so far.
Let's look at what comes between VAYDABEIR HASHEM EL MOSHE and LEIMOR.

We have our pasuk - B'HAR SINAI.
Then there are two occurrences of B'MIDBAR SINAI and a full date.
Placewise, there are two times we find B'ARVOT MO'AV AL YARDEIN Y'REICHO.

V'EL AHARON occurs 9 times.
Okay - we're ready.

Why tell us that it was at Har Sinai that G-d spoke to Moshe specifically in the context of commanding the laws of Sh'mita?

Imagine the following. Hashem takes us out of Mitzrayim and plans to give us the Torah and bring us to Erez Yisrael.

He has a choice (so to speak). He can give us the Torah in the Place that He wants us to be. But if He does that, it would seem that Jews who live outside of Israel are not included in Matan Torah.

Okay. He can give us the Torah outside Erez Yisrael, before we get there (here). Now Torah belongs to all Jews wherever they live.
But there's a problem with that plan. It would create a separation between the Torah and the Land.

And that is NOT what HaShem wanted and wants for us. He told Moshe at the burning bush tat He would take the People (us) our of Egypt and bring us up the land flowing with milk and honey ... And on the way we would serve Him on 'this mountain'. He told Moshe to tell the People in His name that V'HOTZEITI, V'HITZALTI, V'GA'ALTI - that He would take us out - and - V'LAKACHTI, V'HAYITI, VIDATEM - we would enter into an eternal covenant with Him via the Torah from Sinai - and - V'HEIVEITI, V'NATATI - that He brought us to Erez Yisrael and give it to us.

Dilemma solved! And G-d spoke to Moshe at Har Sinai ... SH'MITA. There's the connection between Torah and Erez Yisrael made crystal clear.

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