Aviel Sheyin -Stevens
Aviel Sheyin -StevensCredit: INN:AS

One of the characteristics of a despotic regime is a ministry of truth to combat “disinformation.” In April 2022, the Biden administration announced the opening of a “Disinformation Governance Board” under a radical, left-wing partisan, Nina Jankowicz, its “Minister of Truth.” The same government that just one year ago repeatedly claimed that vaccinated people cannot get or spread the Chinese virus, and that 100 additional days of masking would essentially end the Chinese Flu pandemic, has now set up a Ministry of Truth to combat “disinformation.”

Recently, at the US Senate, Senator Josh Hawley asked Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas what the hiring process was for Jankowicz. Mayorkas said, they didn’t interview anyone else.

The Biden regime is poised to use US resources to attack “disinformation,” and Jankowicz has excellent qualifications for the post. She previously propagated rumors on social media that President Donald Trump’s supporters would go armed to the polls in 2020. And she was a major force behind the now discredited propaganda that Hunter Biden’s laptop was “Russian disinformation.” Now Jankowicz and her operatives will use US government’s powers to determine what Americans say as either true or false.

The Deep State operatives that spied on the 2016 Donald Trump presidential campaign and proceeded to disrupt his administration from the inside are now going to be in charge of determining what is “disinformation.”

President Biden himself is the place to start combating disinformation. Joseph Biden was peddling disinformation on his own supposed ignorance of Hunter Biden’s cronies; aided and abetted by CNN, MSNBC, etc., on Hunter Biden’s “Russian disinformation” laptop; Biden disingenuously claimed he had no knowledge of Hunter Biden’s business ventures in Ukraine, which Biden promoted and defended when he was the-then Vice President and in charge of the Obama administration Ukraine policy and the funds Congress allocated to Ukraine;

Biden called his chaotic withdrawal and abject surrender of Afghanistan to the Taliban a “success;”

Biden stated, “The number one threat is the strength, and that strength that we’ve built is inflation,” then he lied that his inflation is transitory and caused by Putin;

Biden unilaterally destroyed existing immigration law, turning a secure border into a thoroughly open one, and lied that the border swarm is “seasonal;” etc.

Recently, Obama went to Stanford University, at the center of Silicon Valley, to instruct Americans that new free speech platforms might allow incorrect expression that he and the rest of the Left discredit as “hate speech.” Whereas, Obama is a Czar at disinformation.

He lied to Americans that under Obamacare: “You can keep your doctor; you can keep your plan;” he misled Americans about “shovel-ready jobs;” etc.

In March 2012, during his reelection campaign, Obama was caught secretly asking Russian President Dmitry Medvedev to reassure Vladimir Putin that the US would quash missile defense in Eastern Europe for Putin’s good behavior.

Obama was reelected in 2012. America abandoned missile defense in Eastern Europe. Putin gave Obama space, and did not invade Ukraine and the Crimea until 2014. Today, Eastern Europe could have utilized the discarded anti-missile system.

Obama was regularly briefed on his administration’s disinformation campaign against Donald Trump. In 2016, Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign funded Christopher Steele, an ex-British spy, who concocted Russian-related dirt on her opponent: Trump. The “Steele dossier” was lavishly funded by Clinton; however, her payments were hidden by several left-wing firewalls: the Democratic National Committee, the left-wing Perkins-Coie law firm, and the opposition political operation Fusion GPS.

The resulting “Russian collusion” hoax was generally based on Steele’s concoction, taken from Clinton’s friends and associates in Washington and Moscow. The scam sustained wild rumors in the media and was planted among the Obama Administration intelligence, investigatory, and diplomatic operatives, to impede the Trump campaign and administration. Special Counsel Robert Mueller and his biased left-wing team of lawyers took nearly two years and $40 million to disprove the obvious “Russian collusion” hoax.

During the 2020 US Presidential election campaign, left-wing media companies (Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook, Jack Dorsey’s Twitter, Jeff Bezo’s Washington Post, etc.), were massively engaged in disinformation, banned any coverage of the Hunter Biden laptop story, falsely smearing the story as “Russian disinformation,” etc.

Who else could the administration use to combat disinformation?

Perhaps, Robert Mueller could falsely restate that he knew nothing of the Steele dossier; James Comey could go under oath again to claim another 245 times that he cannot remember; John Brennan could lie a third time, and James Clapper a second time, under oath before Congress; Andrew McCabe could mislead a fourth federal investigator; the 51 former intelligence officials who misled voters before the 2020 election that Hunter Biden’s laptop was “Russian disinformation;” the 17 Nobel Prize-winning economists, who lied in writing to Americans that Biden’s massive “Build Back Better” plan cannot contribute to inflation; the ex-felon and discredited FBI lawyer Kevin Clinesmith, who altered federal documents that advance false left-wing narratives; Hillary Clinton and her expertise in hiring people like Michael Sussman to conjure phony Alfa-Bank claims; etc.

The American Left projects its fears about itself onto its enemies. When Mayorkas announced the Biden regime’s war on disinformation, it indicates that the Biden administration is America’s champion at disinformation. Biden’s Homeland Security is airlifting illegal aliens in the middle of the night to regional airports, rather than transparently in the middle of the day. The Biden regime falsely claims that the US mounted border patrol was “whipping” innocent illegal aliens, when a federal investigation cleared the border patrol, Biden did not correct his own administration’s disinformation and apologize.

Now, Democrats and their media acolytes blame high oil prices on Russia’s incursion into Ukraine. Within months of Biden’s becoming US President, he drastically slashed US oil production—only to beseech Putin to help pump more oil to lower escalating world oil prices. In January 2021, when Biden took office, oil was around $52 a barrel. In February 2022, well before Russia’s incursion into Ukraine, oil prices climbed to around $100 a barrel. Biden’s destruction of America’s oil independence and his reckless handling of Putin’s invasion could see oil prices hit record highs later this year.

America has a cognitively-challenged president and a blindly-confident vice president that vastly multiply the disasters that come from their own policies: Surging crime, totally open border, inflation of historic proportions, stratospheric energy prices, record deficits and debts, racial appeasement and polarization, catastrophic withdrawal from Afghanistan, war in Europe, humiliation abroad, etc., were all self-inflicted disasters.

Furthermore, Biden’s canceling pipelines and federal leases of land for oil production, making Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge off limits to energy exploration, leveraging loss of bank financing for fracking, and terminating millions of barrels of US daily oil production is not just an economic disaster; It was a deliberate catastrophe.

Americans should not expect a suddenly closed border, an immediate resumption of the Keystone XL Pipeline, a tough US crime bill that favors victims over perpetrators and disfavors defunding the police, etc., from Biden handlers. Since they won’t abandon their self-created catastrophes, Americans should expect more disinformation ministries, damnatory disinformation czars, condemnatory media operatives, etc. They will endeavor to convince Americans that high oil prices are fantastic; free speech is hate speech; borders are hateful, economic decline is progress, crime is a social construct, etc.

Biden fears the rage of the hard Left more than the anger of Americans. He is in the grips of hard-Left radicals that will not discard their ideology.

Thus we have a delusional and reckless Biden regime that could not care about US national security, that sees in US citizens conspiratorial enemies of the state, and is driving the US into globalist surrender.

Dr. Sheyin-Stevens is a Registered Patent Attorney based in Florida, USA. He earned his Doctorate in Law from the University of Miami.