Former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu responded on Thursday afternoon to footage from northern Jerusalem which showed young Israeli women removing Israeli flags from their car and hiding them, a few meters before driving by a violent Palestinian Arab demonstration.

"I just saw something that shocked me," Netanyahu said. "In the heart of Jerusalem, young Jewish women rapidly wrap flags of the State of Israel and hide them in their vehicle because they are afraid."

"At the same time, Palestinians are proudly waving PLO and Palestinian Authority flags in the heart of Jerusalem. This is what happens when the State of Israel has a government of weakness and deception, a government which is openly dependent on the Muslim Brotherhood, on the Shura Council, and now Lapid is also saying that he intends to be dependent on the Joint List."

"So I say enough is enough," Netanyahu added. "I call on all those who were elected thanks to the votes of right-wingers, be loyal to what you promised your voters, be loyal to what in your conscience you know must change."

"This government must go home and in its place we must bring back to the State of Israel a strong, national government that will stand up for the rights of the Jewish state," said the former Prime Minister.

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