A video shared by the Boynton Beach Police Department showed a group of drivers in Boynton Beach, Florida jumping into action to save an elderly woman whose car was rolling through a busy intersection after she suffered a medical emergency and slumped over the steering wheel.

The woman was discovered by a co-worker in another car unconscious at the wheel, WPTV News reported.

That co-worker chased the elderly woman’s car through the intersection and waved at others for help. Soon, other drivers got out of their cars and began helping her slow the car down.

According to police, the elderly female driver suffered a medical episode.

The group of people were able to stop her car. One of them smashed open the back window with his elbow and another climbed through to unlock the passenger side door. The car was put in neutral and the group pushed it to a nearby parking lot. A nurse who happened to be at the scene called 911 and gave the woman medical care until the fire department arrived.

After receiving medical care, the woman recovered and is back at work.

“We have been in touch with several of the Good Samaritans and will be honoring them/reuniting them with the woman they rescued tomorrow afternoon,” Boynton Beach Police Department said in a statement.

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