Shireen Abu Aqleh
Shireen Abu AqlehReuters

Israeli security officials were able to reach for a CT scan of the body of Al Jazeera journalist Shireen Abu Aqleh, in an attempt to reach independent conclusions regarding the circumstances of her death in Jenin, Kan News reported.

According to the report, the security officials consulted with the professionals regarding the imaging photographs, and determined that no conclusions could be reached from the data.

The United States continues to put pressure on the Palestinian Authority to conduct a joint investigation with Israel, despite the resolute statement issued by the PA this morning in which it stated that it would not agree to such a move.

In Jerusalem, the government conveyed a message to the Americans that if there was no cooperation from the PA and the bullet that struck journalist was not brought for a ballistic examination, it would be impossible to get to the truth.

Israeli Ambassador to the US Michael Herzog told Kan Bet: "We explained to the Americans the background to the incident and offered them to take part in the joint investigation. "In the United States, they support an investigation in which the parties will be involved - at the moment, the Palestinians are acting unilaterally."

Palestinian Authority chairman Mahmoud Abbas said at the journalist's funeral today: "Shireen is the martyr of Jerusalem. She is a symbol of a Palestinian woman and a soldier media woman. Sheerin paid with her life for her people and the issues important to them. The crime of killing Sheerin is not the first crime, and many Palestinian journalists have been killed."

"We hold Israel fully responsible for its murder. This crime cannot pass without consequences. We refuse and will refuse to conduct a joint investigation with the Israeli authorities, as it is the one that committed the crime. We will soon reach the court in The Hague to investigate the criminals," said Abbas.