As part of the investigation of the salmonella contamination at the Strauss plant, a suspicion arose of contamination in the Tnuva company's milk powder production line. The suspicion is under investigation by the Health Ministry.

This is a product that is not marketed to people but to factories that continue to process the product, usually while heating it, which prevents the culture of bacteria if they are present in the product.

Tests of final products that used milk powder as a raw material have so far come out normal and free of contamination. The Health Ministry is continuing its investigations into the issue.

Strauss announced today (Thursday) to the stock exchange that it estimates that following the salmonella incident at the Elite chocolate and candy factories in Nof Hagalil, its net profit for 2022 will be cut by NIS 230-170 million. The net profit in the first quarter of this year, January-March 31, will be affected by NIS 125-115 million.

"The company's assessment is based on estimates that include a decrease in sales for credits to the company's customers, costs of collecting products from the chains and stores, an estimate of the extent of total destruction, compensation costs as determined by the company to consumers, additional ancillary costs and considering the tax effect," the company said.

In addition, the company states that it cannot assess the consequences following legal proceedings related to the incident of the recall and shutdown of the plant, including legal proceedings that have already been filed.

Head of Public Health Services Dr. Sharon Alroy-Peis, has commented that there is no apparent danger to the public.

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