The family of Avishai Yehezkel Hy"d at the Supreme Court
The family of Avishai Yehezkel Hy"d at the Supreme Court Hezki Baruch

On Thursday, the Supreme Court is set to rule on the demolition of the home of the terrorist who murdered five people in Bnei Brak several weeks ago, after the family of the murderer, Diaa Hamarsheh, appealed the decision.

The family home is situated in the village of Yabed in Samaria.

Shlomi Zabarlo, the brother-in-law of Avishai Yehezkel Hy"d, one of the victims, told Israel National News that the family has yet to recover from the trauma. "We are still deep in terrible pain," he said. "I came to the court today to hear its ruling on the demolition, even though no demolition can compensate in any way at all for my brother-in-law, who was like a brother and a friend to me. Our joy in life has been extinguished and we continually strengthen our faith.

"We didn't come here today out of a desire for revenge," he added. "All we want is to do something to stop this, so that there shouldn't be any more widows and orphans. If this is what deters these beasts from murdering innocent people, then this is what we have to do."

Another of Yehezkel's brothers-in-law, Elya Simhon, added, "If terrorists see that they demolish their family's home, maybe they'll think twice before going out to kill. Maybe their parents will warn security forces in time, in order not to end up homeless."

During the hearing, a post from the terrorist's father's Facebook page was displayed, in which the father thanked all those who had consoled him on the death of his son. The lawyer for the terrorist's family then told the judges, "At the end of the day, this is a father who lost his son."

Supreme Court President Esther Hayut responded in fury, saying, "This is an outrageous post. The man is proud of his son."

The lawyer for the state then responded, "This father supports his son and did not condemn his son's actions. In law it is established that expressing support after the act by a family member is a factor that may be taken into consideration with regard to the deterrence provided by demolishing the family home."

Shai Glick, CEO of the Betsalmo human rights organization who is representing the families of the victims, issued a statement saying: "Demolition of the homes of terrorists is an instrument that saves lives and constitutes deterrence. This deterrence is provided only when the entire building is destroyed, swiftly and immediately. We call on Supreme Court President Hayut to issue a ruling today that enables the immediate destruction of the entire house, and to refrain from delaying the ruling, which will only result in a dilution of the deterrent effect."

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