Arab rioters in Jenin (stock)
Arab rioters in Jenin (stock)Nasser Ishtayeh/FLASH90

IDF response to the death of a female Al Jazeera reporter in Jenin. “During the operation in Jenin refugee camp, suspects fired an enormous amount of gunfire at troops and hurled improvised explosive devices. Forces fired back with live fire.”

The IDF said that no troops had been injured or killed in the clashes.

The Quds reporter who was hit in the leg claimed that only IDF opened fire, but Israeli TV News channels are showing an Arab who attended the incident shouting that Palestinian Arab gunmen had hit an Israeli soldier who fell. No Israel soldier fell, was injured or killed, in their exchange with Palestinian Arab gunmen, suggesting that the Quds reporter was "incorrect," i.e., lying.

The video indicates that Palestinians mistook the reporter, wearing a helmet and protection jacket, for a soldier and shot her.

The IDF and the Israeli Government, quickly recommended a dispassionate joint forensic investigation and pathology test on the deceased to ascertain how she was killed. The bullet would have been a critical piece of evidence, but the Palestinian Authority adamantly refused such an investigation while accusing Israel of killing her without any evidence to back up their accusation.

Israel wanted the investigation, the Palestinian Authority did not. What are they hiding?

The deceased's death was regrettable, but let's not forget she was employed by Al Jazeera to enhance their anti-Israel bias as a Palestinian Arab propagandist. Let's not elevate her to the status of a martyr or journalistic heroine.

She was no Marie Colvin, a dispassionate seeker of truth in a dangerous world.

Barry Shaw, The View from Israel.