Candles in memory of the Meron disaster victims
Candles in memory of the Meron disaster victims David Cohen/Flash90

The Bnei Akiva Youth Movement has begun a global initiative to honor the 45 people killed last year in a tragic disaster in Meron.

The initiative, "Lighting the Light," is open to anyone wishing to take upon themselves a goal of learning a set amount of Mishna.

The initiative's goal is to ensure that by Lag Ba'omer, 45 "siyum" ceremonies marking the completion of a tractate of Mishna will have been held, and the public will have enlisted to perform 24,000 good deeds, commemorating the 24,000 students of Rabbi Akiva who died during the Omer period.

Another goal of the initiative is to increase unity and closeness among the Jewish People, and Bnei Akiva calls on each person to take part, even by doing a single good deed, in honor of the 45 victims..

Bnei Akiva Secretary General Yair Shahal said, "The People of Israel are still hurting and mourning for 45 of its sons, who were killed last year on Lag Ba'omer near the gravesite of the holy sage, Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai."

"This event obligates all of us to increase in unity and add more light, more Torah study, and to do good deeds for each other. This initiative is not intended only for the members and alumni of Bnei Akiva, but for the entire nation of Israel, so that it should take part in doing good in the memory of those who were killed."

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