Lag Ba'omer in Meron
Lag Ba'omer in MeronHezki Baruch

Major General (ret.) Zvika Tesler, the project manager for this year's Lag Ba'omer events, spoke to Kikar Hashabbat about the limits on the number of participants.

According to Tesler, "Last year, there were 45 corpses in the largest civilian disaster Israel has ever known. This must enter our consciousness. We must remember it in every question and every answer. Due to this disaster, one of the central things that was decided was that the crowds would be limited, unlike in previous years. This is the recommendation from the investigative committee."

"Everyone logical understands that not everyone who wants to will be able to come. Naturally, people want to come at the popular hours, and naturally, the tickets for these hours are sold out more quickly," he added.

Regarding the tickets which have not yet been advertised as for sale, Tesler said, "What is still available is mostly for the less popular hours, it's more for Friday. The tickets for Lag Ba'omer itself - as of now, they are sold out. I think that there will be another sale of a few thousand."

The full interview will be published Thursday.