A sign in Brooklyn by a Jewish advocacy organization calling for awareness of rising antisemitism was defaced with two swastikas in broad daylight.

A video showed the vandal spray painting swastikas on the sign at a Brooklyn bus stop, drawing one swastika over the sign with white spray paint and another above it. He then sat down at the bus stop to wait for a bus.

The NYPD is searching for the suspect.

The sign by the JewBelong organization was part of a recent antisemitism awareness campaign. It said: “We’re just 75 years since the gas chambers... So no, a billboard calling out Jew hate isn’t an overreaction. #EndJewHate.”

“This type of hate followed by the deafening silence from supposedly good people should be abhorrent to anyone who stands for justice. You don’t have to be a historian to know that to be quiet about hate doesn’t stop the haters,” JewBelong co-founder Stacy Stewart told the NY Daily News.

Stewart remarked that with Jews making up a tiny portion of the American population but being the victims of 58 percent of the nation’s hate crimes, she wasn’t surprised that the sign was vandalized with a swastika during the middle of the day.

“For more than a year now, Jews being spat on, slammed into cars and worse has become normalized,” she said.

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