The display of Nazi flags by protestors outside the entrance to Disney World in Orlando, Florida over the weekend has been condemned by Jewish groups who called on public officials to denounce the incident.

Videos posted to social media showed protestors marching outside Disney World on Saturday and Sunday waving Nazi flags. One protestor was dressed in what appeared to be a Nazi uniform.

“Antisemitic incidents were up 50 percent in FL in 2021 over 2020. We are calling on our public officials to be courageous and condemn this latest incident at Walt Disney World and speak up against hate,” ADL Florida said on Twitter.

The ADL added that the incidents were an “abhorrent display of antisemitism.”

“At a time when incidents of anti-Jewish hate are at their highest, it is incumbent upon all in positions of power and leadership to condemn this bigotry,” ADL said.

StopAntisemitism also denounced the group of swastika waving protestors.

“We are sickened to our stomachs seeing Nazi flags flown at Disney World in Orlando, Florida a few hours ago," the group said on Twitter.