Demolishing the last structure
Demolishing the last structureAuthority for Lands Enforcement

The Authority for Lands Enforcement on Tuesday destroyed the building in which the Or Rashbi Yeshiva was housed in Meron.

The illegal structure sat on public land and prevented the new detailed plan for the compound from being carried out. It was located within the planned area for priests, who are not allowed to enter graveyards.

The demolition was carried out in accordance with an order from the Magistrates Court, and following the rejection of an appeal by the owners. In its decision, the District Court declared that the matter of demolishing the structure was one of special public importance.

The demolitions at the site took place for the purpose of allowing safety work to take place, alongside the development necessary for the upcoming Lag Ba'omer event.

Over the past year, 63 dangerous and illegal buildings were destroyed, over an area of more than 4,000 square meters. Now, following the demolition of the last structure, the Lands Enforcement Authority has declared its task successfully completed.