Elad after the attack
Elad after the attack Yossi Aloni/Flash90

The the terrorists who murdered three Israeli Jews in a terrorist axe attack last week were brought to the scene of the attack to reenact it for investigators just hours after their arrest yesterday, Channel 13 News reported.

The terrorists returned to the murder scene when the street was deserted at 4:00 AM. handcuffed and escorted by security forces and reenacted, in front of the cameras, the attack that led to the murder of three people.

Handcuffed, the terrorists described to investigators the events of that night, how they murdered Oren Ben Yiftach in his car and then Boaz Gol and Yonatan Havakuk.

The investigators continued with them on the street and in the park and onto the escape route, going over every detail. The reenactment will be used to convict them of the three murders and send them to jail for the rest of their lives. It took 62 hours to capture them. They admitted in their interrogation that they were not Hamas operatives and were not directed by the terrorist organization, but had decided to carry out the attack on their own.

Chief Rabbi David Lau visited the homes of the victims of the attack in Elad to pay his condolences to the families.

Following the visits, the chief rabbi said: "In the difficult situation in which we find ourselves living 'the sword without and the terror within (Deuteronomy 32 25),' we must ask our heavenly Father to have mercy on his people."

"Everyone must take upon himself 'Let us examine and probe our ways (Lamentations 3 40)' in what he needs to strengthen both between man and G-d and between man and his fellow," Rabbi Lau said.


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