Netanyahu at Knesset Plenum
Netanyahu at Knesset Plenum Noam Moskowitz/Knesset spokesperson

Former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu attacked Prime Minister Naftali Bennett in the Knesset plenum over the conduct of his government during the current wave of terrorism.

"Israel is suffering and in mourning," Netanyahu said at the opening of the Knesset summer session. "Israeli women and men were murdered with such terrible cruelty that there are no words to describe it. , Today, I remember where I was at 4 in the afternoon 50 years ago with my friends in the Sayeret Matkal. We broke into the hijacked plane at Lod airport and released the hostages. To this day I have a scar, which reminds me of that day in case I forget it."

"Today the situation is completely different from what it was before - the current government is paralyzed. It is in a deep crisis. It does not decide, it does not initiate, it does not fight terrorism. Those who sit in the government with Hamas supporters cannot fight Hamas. It is true that you in the government choose not to take to the streets and hear criticism, that is your problem, but the fact that the citizens of Israel are afraid to take to the streets is the problem of us all. The citizens of Israel today live in fear," Netanyahu said.

The opposition leader added: "The government of weakness and fraud fails to provide security and peace. There is no deterrence - there is weakness. There is no strength - there is softness. There is no determination - there is lawlessness. Terrorist organizations must be severely harmed like they were under my leadership. Not for nothing, according to IDF data, was the period between 2010-2020 the best time in the history of Israel. Today, Naftali Bennett, without seats, without a majority in the Knesset, without public support, cannot fight terrorism."

"The prime minister is the one who broke all his promises, deceived the right-wing public on the way to his seat, and since then he has been doing nothing but holding on to his seat. He needs to go home today. Imagine what would have been said if the situation had been reversed - what would have been said if I had been the prime minister of a five-seat party, if my cabinet members were in negotiations with the opposition, with the government not even holding a narrow majority in the Knesset, and me dependent on the Shura council. They would say that the government has no public legitimacy. And I want to tell Naftali, Naftali - it's over.

"It is impossible to deceive the physics of politics. It's over, Naftali. Your government has ended its short and corrupt tenure. You and Yair Lapid, the alternate prime minister who spends most of his time abroad, you and Lapid hold Israel hostage to your internal struggle. There is a new reality here - who will be the transition prime minister, Bennett or Lapid? This game is at the expense of our security, our future, and our very existence,'' Netanyahu said.

Netanyahu elaborated: "You are not dealing with Iran, you are not dealing with terrorism or anything. It's time to put an end to this government's failures and start repairing the damage you have done to us in such a short time. My friends and I will get Israel back on track. We will collect a heavy price from the terrorist organizations, fight Iran's aggression and work to prevent it from having an arsenal of nuclear weapons. We will eliminate your economic cuts, tax increases and your abuse of the weakest strata you have sought to harass."

"You broke it. We'll fix it. With G-d's help, in a short time, we will establish a strong national government headed by the Likud, we will ensure security, we will restore deterrence, we will ensure prosperity for all Israeli citizens. Until that happens, one thing is clear: We do not trust you and neither do the citizens of Israel. Go home."

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