Netanyahu at Likud party meeting
Netanyahu at Likud party meetingIsrael National News

Former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu opened the Likud faction meeting by referencing the need for a stronger government and attacking PM Bennett's management of the security crisis.

"Only our national strength can ensure our future. This weak and fraudulent government is incapable of leading the country," he was quoted as saying.

"Israeli citizens from Tel Aviv to T'koa are living in fear," continued Netanyahu. "The present government isn't capable of ensuring safety for its people," he added.

"Israel mourns its dead," lamented the former premier. "[Civilians] are were murdered with terrible cruelty that there no words can describe."

"50 years ago to this day, I took part in the operation to free hostages aboard Sabena Flight 571 (hijacked by operatives from the Black September terrorist group). To this day I carry a scar from the operation which is there to remind me of that day just in case I ever forget it."

"Today the situation is completely different from what it was then. The current government is paralyzed. It is in a deep crisis. It does not decide the future of events, it does not initiate, it does not fight terrorism," continued Netanyahu.

"A government filled with Hamas supporters cannot possibly fight Hamas. While members of the coalition have a right to avoid taking to the streets and talking to everyday citizens, the fact that the same citizens are afraid to venture outside of their homes is a problem for us all. People are living in fear," he stressed.

"Iran is rushing to arm itself with nuclear weapons against Israel under the auspices of an international agreement promoted by the current US administration and the weak, fraudulent government is incapable of standing up to the submissive policies of the US administration against Iran, just as it is incapable of fighting Hamas," said Netanyahu.

"And how can it hope to fight Hamas?," asked Netanyahu. "After all, Bennett and Lapid are dependent on [Ra'am head] Mansour Abbas who gets his instructions from Hamas and the Islamic Movement."

On Sunday morning, Netanyahu met leaders of opposition parties - Shas, United Torah Judaism, and Religious Zionism, who agreed to lead a "determined and united struggle to bring down the current regime."

"The government has lost its majority in the Knesset - it has lost any legitimacy in the eyes of the public," said Netanyahu at the meeting.

"Netanyahu intends to return to the position of prime minister - in a national government to be established in the current Knesset or following elections in which he is confident that the Likud under his leadership will win. There is no other option and the spin doctors and their messengers should get used to it," stressed a statement from the Likud.