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From the beginning of his presidency, Joseph Biden has been issuing executive orders and foreign policy directives that benefit Russia at the expense of Americans, American workers, America’s national security and American allies.

On January 20, 2021, the day Biden became the President of the United States, he terminated the permit for the Keystone XL Pipeline (the XL stands for “export limited”). The project involves building a pipeline from Alberta, Canada to Nebraska, joining existing pipelines so over 800,000 barrels per day of oil from Canada can reach refineries and ports in Texas, and could be easily exported to the rest of the world.

In 2008, the Obama administration figured the pipeline would create “3,200 temporary construction jobs directly, 42,000 additional jobs indirectly, and generate over $2 billion in wages.” This was at a time that America was going through a severe economic recession. The Obama administration, through five separate studies, found that the project would have no material impact on greenhouse gas emissions. Further analysis indicated that shipping oil by train or trailers would generate more greenhouse emissions and more chances of leaks than through a pipeline.

As an incentive to Democrats, the Canadian company behind the project, TC Energy (formerly TransCanada), promised “a $10 million Green Job Training Fund; $500 million for indigenous suppliers and jobs; and 100 percent renewable power to operate the pipeline.” Furthermore, when two Native American groups opposed the project because of tribal sovereignty, TC Energy devised an alternate route to address their concerns. Nevertheless, in 2015, still erroneously claiming it will increase greenhouse gas emissions, Obama refused to issue the presidential permit for the Keystone XL project.

In January 2017, when Donald Trump became the US President, Trump quickly approved the project to commence. Trump achieved energy independence for America by making the US the world’s largest oil producer and a net-exporter of oil. Whereas, during his election campaign, Biden vowed to end US oil production during his term in office. And Biden revoked the permit for the pipeline on Day One of Biden’s presidency.

As reported by The Federalist, in an article titled “Canceling The Keystone Pipeline And Reducing U.S. Arms Are Biden’s First Two Major Gifts To Russia,” which was published on January 26, 2021:

Biden’s decision is a slap in the face of American workers. With the stroke of a pen, Biden made thousands of well-paying job opportunities disappear at a time the unemployment rate in the United States is still quite high due to the government-mandated lockdowns during the pandemic… Russian leader Vladimir Putin, however, is assuredly ecstatic over Biden’s decision. Indeed, Biden just took a viable competitor of Russia’s energy supply off the table. Going forward, Putin can easily weaponize Russia’s energy supplies to compel the EU to accept his domestic oppression of dissent and enable him to achieve aggressive foreign policy goals.”

Of course, Biden enabled Putin “to achieve aggressive foreign policy goals.” Throughout 2021, Biden talked tough to Putin; however, Biden acted in ways that appeased Russia until it subsequently invaded Ukraine. Russia’s economy is heavily dependent on oil. And an effectual deterrence to Putin’s propensity to invade Russia’s neighbors is low oil price.

In January 2021, when Biden took office, oil was around $52 a barrel. In February 2022, well before Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, oil prices climbed to around $100 a barrel.

When Biden became President, he immediately started threatening the US oil and gas industry with doom, canceling pipelines, stopping all new federal oil and gas leases, disallowing oil from the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, pressuring lending agencies not to aid frackers, etc.

Biden drastically slashed US oil production, made the US dependent on Putin, and begged Putin to pump more oil to help America. Under Biden, about 8% of US oil and refined product imports now come from Russia. After the invasion, Biden “banned” Russian oil imports, but oil is a commodity easily traded through third parties.

In one of his first acts, President Biden also sought to cancel the EastMed pipeline, which is planned to get over 10 billion cubic meters per year of clean-burning natural gas into southern Europe that would augment the suppliers; American allies: Israel, Greece and Cyprus. Meanwhile, Biden dropped all sanctions on the Russian-German Nord Stream 2 pipeline, vastly enriching Putin and providing Russia with a windfall for invasion.

Biden’s doggedness to his campaign vow to terminate the production of fossil fuels in the US during his tenure, means the world’s autocratic regimes exporting oil are getting richer every day: Russia, Iran, Venezuela, various Middle Eastern autocracies, etc.

The world prices of oil and natural gas are skyrocketing. At the time of a major war in Ukraine, the Biden administration framed the conflict as existential, with Russia on the attack against a declining West. The administration and its propaganda cohorts kept saying Putin was planning to conquer Ukraine in a few days, through a “shock and awe” campaign; a tactic of using overwhelming power and spectacular displays of force to paralyze the enemies’ perception of the battle and destroy their will to fight. Whereas, the claim that this is what Putin had planned was, of course, nonsense. It is another case of American leftists projecting their own shortcomings onto others.

America is an air power, which is an extension of the sea power America developed to protect its extensive Atlantic and Pacific coasts. American military doctrine commences with total air superiority; which is then used to destroy opposing infrastructure and military units. This helps an air power to avoid boots on the ground; avoiding a land war.

The Russians, however, plan on destroying armies, not put on a spectacular show for them. Russia is a land-war country. Its military is organized on the use of mechanical units, infantry, and artillery, while using its air force, missiles and drones in support of land forces, to destroy opposing enemies.

For the Ukrainian war, the Biden administration planned a shock and awe campaign of its own. Biden’s sham sanctions unleashed during the opening days of the war were expected to frighten the Russians, setting off an economic panic; hoping it would force Putin to withdraw from Ukraine so NATO could avoid a land war. This is also the reason the Biden regime put out the propaganda that Putin could only maintain the Russian army in the field for a few weeks.

Bellingcat, a front group for Biden’s CIA, made the claim at the start of the war. Francis Fukuyama, a disgraced intellectual, also made a similar claim the following week. They were signaling to Democrats’ media poodles to pick up this propaganda. Whereas, the Russians expected a long ground war in Ukraine.
Putin understood what the Russians were facing. He personally oversaw the Second Chechen War, which lasted almost a year. Ukraine is much bigger and has a more powerful military than Chechen. Moreover, Ukraine has Western support.

The predictions of the Biden regime and its media poodles about Putin’s inability to sustain long combat operations in Ukraine were all wrong. They intimated that by now there would be food riots in Russia, and Putin would have been deposed. Furthermore, Biden and NATO planned for a short war. They figured they would hunker down the Ukrainian army in strategic places and wait for a few weeks as the sham sanctions did the hard work. Now the Biden regime organs are intimating that NATO is running out of weapons to send to Ukraine. In other words, the short war prediction was about the Biden administration’s plans, not the Russians’ plans.

Note that the schemes that have led to the war in Ukraine were never put on the ballot for US voters. Biden did not campaign on preparing Ukraine for entry into NATO. Militarizing Ukraine and organizing Bandera battalions were never put on American ballots. Now Biden’s handlers and their cohorts in the military-industrial complex are claiming that everything is still going to plan.

If the plan was to destroy America and the West, then everything is going to plan. If the plan was to win the war and defeat Putin, then that is a different matter. The US and NATO prepared the Ukrainian army to fight a different army from the one Putin sent into Ukraine. Despite having numbers, home-field advantage, and superior NATO equipment, the Ukrainians are being routed. Russians have confined the Ukrainians in the east and are preparing a massive offensive to destroy the Ukrainian army. By the end of 2022, Putin will most likely control everything in Ukraine, east of the Dnieper River. The part in the west controlled by the Ukrainian government will have no ability to defend itself if Russia moves on them.

Furthermore, Biden has enabled the battlefield to extend far beyond Ukraine. He decided to impose sham sanctions on Putin and launch an economic war against Russia, because Biden’s handlers believe they could collapse the Russian economy with some financial tricks. Biden was even bragging about this at his State of the Union address. Whereas, they have plunged America and the rest of the West into an economic crisis. The US is now suffering from inflation rates not seen since President Jimmy Carter’s administration in the 1970s.

Shortages of essential consumer items are becoming a part of normal life in America. Prices of commodities, including fertilizers, are skyrocketing; food inflation and global food shortages could soon follow. Before the end of the year, the Ukrainian army could collapse. The Biden regime will have to explain to the American people why untold billions were thrown away in a pointless war of choice in Ukraine; why there are 10 million refugees in Europe, or more; and why Biden swamp the US with millions of Third World derelicts under the cover of an unknown number of white Ukrainians, replacing poor US citizens with Third World vagrants.

So Putin’s man in Washington achieved his goal of less US oil production and higher prices; however, politics now confronts green dogmatism. America is in a Biden-created inflationary spiral, in the middle of a brutal Ukrainian war; with the midterms election already in view. The Biden price hikes will matter significantly in November.

Dr. Sheyin-Stevens is a Registered Patent Attorney based in Florida, USA. He earned his Doctorate in Law from the University of Miami.
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