Woman shedding tears
Woman shedding tears צילום: ISTOCK

The Devastated Orphan In A Heartbreaking Post: "The Tears That Were Shed That Night Never Stopped Flowing…"

In a heartrending post, the orphaned kallah speaks of her frightful life story - a story which cannot leave anyone unmoved. As she speaks, she relives the moments during the funeral when she walked for the last time behind her beloved mother's mittah- a young woman who only wanted to live.

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The orphaned kallah writes: "My life was never a normal one. It was never a regular life like yours or like everyone else's. I was born to happy, amazing parents who gave me a great education, love, and joy. But when I was only five, my whole world turned upside-down. There was no day and no night. I'll never forget the day when they explained to me that my mother, whom I loved so very much, had a terrible disease- they didn't even want to tell me its name. I understood only that it was something very dangerous, which destroyed the body and which sapped all my mother's strength-both physically and emotionally.

That very day I was taken away from my warm home to other homes… When I was bat mitzvah, only twelve years old, my whole world fell apart. I'll never forget the night I walked behind the mittah of my beloved mother and cried my heart out. I realized that this was the last time I'd be able to touch her mittah. The tears that were shed that night never stopped flowing, and they will never stop.

My life was full of difficulties and challenges. My father, who was not a well man, suffered for years from heart and kidney failure. He was frequently hospitalized. I knew that, to my great sorrow, I had been orphaned from my mother, and it was as if I was also orphaned from my father, who wasn't functioning and could barely communicate. He was in great emotional and physical pain: devastated from the loss of my mother, and broken from his constant physical suffering.

When I started shidduchim, I realized I didn't have much of a chance… my father didn't have the financial means to pay for a wedding; he didn't even have a spare cent for my nedunya [trousseau]. For years I went around sad and tearful; for years it gave me no rest; I couldn’t be happy.

Now I'm twenty-eight years old. Only a few months ago, one of my brothers-in-law decided he would take the responsibility for my shidduchim upon himself. And yes, only two months ago I got engaged. That day, I was the happiest person in the world.

But then I realized that my brother-in-law has no money to cover the wedding expenses. I understood that if I don't make my voice heard, if I don't cry out, I won't be able to get married; I'll have no means to arrive at the happiest day of my life, for which I've waited for such a long time. Having no choice, despite the difficulty and the embarrassment, I'm begging you: Please, help me get married like a real kallah, help me not to be embarrassed on my happiest day.

At the moment I don't have a hall; I don't have a wedding dress; there's no catering and no photographer- simply nothing. I am shattered; I can barely sleep at night; I can barely eat; and mainly, I cry and cry without letup due to my difficult situation. I'm pleading and begging everyone who is reading these words- I'm writing from the bottom of my heart; I beg of you, please have compassion on me; do something for my sake. Do something so I can go to my chuppah with my head held high, knowing that I'm making a fresh start. Please, don't ignore me; help me now. Help an orphaned kallah who has nothing. Please.

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