This Pesach after two years of Corona forcing us to stay closed in our houses in our towns, in our countries and not being able to fly anywhere, we really felt we were freed this year when health rules finally softened up and we could finally travel around the world.

An insane amount of kosher Passover programs happened all over the globe, with hotel being made Kosher in Dubai, Morocco, Greece, Spain, and all over America.

We decided to interview those who are on the other side of the deal. The non-Jewish hotel owners/directors who rent out their hotels to a large Jewish crowd and what are their expectations and also let downs.

We spoke with Mrs. Anna Mattu, manager of the beautiful Imperiale Palace in gorgeous Portofino (Santa Margherita Ligure). It is very interesting to hear her point of view on a kosher Pesach program for she has rented the stunning hotel she manages to Elite Events who have made it kosher and entirely available only for Jews for the two weeks of Pesach.

We sat down for an interesting conversation and heard her views and thoughts on large families from all over the world suddenly crowding the small Portofino and getting together and celebrating, and how she also realized how important it is for us to stay very much in touch with our traditions.

Fascinating, hope you enjoy it.