Palestinian-American model Bella Hadid
Palestinian-American model Bella HadidReuters

Top model Bella Hadid has had a post on Instagram removed, after (yet again) writing content criticizing the State of Israel.

Hadid was born to a Muslim father from northern Israel who later moved to the United States. She failed to post any response to last week's terrorist attack in Elad that left three men, all fathers of young children, dead. Instead, on Friday she accused the Israeli government of planning to expel thousands of Palestinians from their homes.

"Tonight my post was removed," she later wrote on Instagram, addressing her 51 million followers and adding, "I love you."

Israeli supermodel Bar Refaeli had earlier challenged Hadid on her anti-Israel stance, writing a post on the Elad attack that tagged Hadid and addressing her directly (in English): "Will you repost?"

Meanwhile, Swarovski-Israel has distanced itself from the global brand and criticized the parent company for selecting Hadid as its new "face." It added that it would not cooperate with the decision.

"The Crystalino Group, the importer and owner of the Swarovski chain in Israel, requests to clarify that it categorically distances itself from the selection of Bella Hadid as the brand's face," the company stated in an announcement. "The company will not allow Hadid to play any role in advertising the brand in Israel, and we are doing our utmost to have her replaced."

Israel's Eurovision Song Contest contender, Michael Ben David, has joined the protest against Hadid and announced that he will not be wearing the Swarovski jewelry that he was supposed to have worn during the televised contest.