Hundreds of people attended the Friday funeral of Yonatan Havakuk, a 44-year-old father of five who was murdered Thursday night in a terror attack in the central city of Elad.

The eulogies began in Elad, after which the funeral procession will continue to the Yarkon cemetery, where Havakuk will be laid to rest.

Havakuk was known to many, due to his work at a garage in the city.

His brother-in-law said: "Whenever we needed, he would come right away to deal with the problems, and all of it with a smile. I learned a lot from him. We are trying to digest this. There's no one like this person, there's no replacement for him. The whole city knew him."

Havakuk's wife wrote on Facebook: "My heart refuses to believe that I have been left alone with five orphans. My heart is burning, that my young child saw his father during his last moments. My husband fought against them with great heroism and saved many people during the time he was fighting them for long minutes."

"May G-d avenge your blood, my dear and beloved husband. We will miss you very much."

Embracing and crying Credit: Hezki Baruch