The father of Loki Hulgaard, a man described by B’nai Brith Canada as a “notorious hate-monger,” was fined on Wednesday by a judge for obstructing a police investigation attempting to execute a search warrant for hate materials on his son’s computers.

Brian Dell was given a $750 fine for blocking police from accessing his son’s computers in their family home. He was initially arrested and charged with obstructing police in executing a lawful search warrant at his residence.

In February, B’nai Brith called for new hate crime charges against Hulgaard, who lives in Medicine Hat, Alberta, after he published anti-Jewish propaganda that the advocacy group described as “some of the worst anti-Jewish hate literature ever produced in Canada.”

Hulgaard was previously arrested in August of 2018 for attempting to circulate currency defaced with antisemitic messages such as “Zionist Occupied Government” and “Jewish white genocide.”

A police search of Hulgaard’s home resulted in the discovery of four firearms – of which two had removed serial numbers – three over-capacity magazines and 1,200 rounds of ammunition, as well as hate literature, CBC News reported.

He was charged with inciting hatred, which was later changed to promoting hatred, and given 13 firearms-related charges.

Hulgaard, who was born Brendan Stanley Dell, ultimately pleaded guilty to promoting hatred and a firearms violation and received a one-year conditional sentence and two years of probation, with conditions including avoiding certain areas and agreeing to no longer write about Jews online.

Dell claimed that he did not refuse to give police access to his home, instead insisting that he did not have time to read their search warrant, and didn’t understand that they wanted to seize his son’s computers as evidence.

“Justice was done. It is the duty of individuals and communities to cooperate with and unequivocally support police work,” B’nai Brith CEO Michael Mostyn said. “Loki Hulgaard must face charges that include more than breaching his conditional sentence order alone, since some of the worst antisemitic propaganda ever seen in Canada meeting the criminal threshold was allegedly seized from his computer.”