Dr. Zev Zelenko
Dr. Zev Zelenko Courtesy of the Zelenko Family

At the end of April, billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk purchased Twitter, for $44 billion. Many were those who expected that the platform would alter its policies following the acquisition; thus far, however, few significant changes have been noted.

On Thursday, Dr. Vladimir Zev Zelenko, an Ukrainian-American doctor who is an orthodox Jew, and who is famous for his "Zelenko Protocol," a formula for boosting the immune system against COVID, posted a video describing how just days after being allowed back onto the platform after being banned in 2020, he was again suspended.

Dr. Zelenko's account was originally suspended for "violating the Twitter rules ... against platform manipulation and spam ... [and for] behavior that manipulates or disrupts people's experience on Twitter."

A few days ago, Dr. Zelenko reopened his account, thanking Musk for allowing him back. It was not to last long. In a video clip posted on Wednesday, he describes what happened next:

"I heard that Musk was buying Twitter; I thought that maybe the culture would be different and so I signed up again ... Within four days, I had 175,000 followers."

It was all going well until Zelenko "posted the following question: According to the CDC, 99.998 percent of healthy children recover from COVID with no treatment. My question was: What is the rationale for vaccinating this demographic.

"Within two minutes, my account was suspended."

Meanwhile, Zelenko's account is up again (including, somewhat bizarrely, this video).

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