Good food sources of Vitamin D
Good food sources of Vitamin D iStock

A randomized, double-blinded, controlled study published recently in ScienceDirect has concluded that supplementing with Vitamin D can significantly reduce the likelihood of contracting COVID-19, without producing any side effects of concern.

The peer-reviewed study followed 192 frontline healthcare workers, with 94 randomized to receive Vitamin D and 98 randomized to receive a placebo. Among the trial group, 6.4 percent contracted COVID during the study period, as compared to 24.5 percent of the placebo group. Only one person (in the placebo group) became seriously ill with COVID during the trial period.

The study also found that supplementing with Vitamin D is effective against COVID infection regardless of the level of Vitamin D in a person’s blood.

Evidence has mounted throughout the COVID pandemic suggesting that low levels of Vitamin D worsen a person’s prognosis if infected with coronavirus. Patients admitted to hospital for COVID very frequently are found to be deficient in this vitamin, and at least one study has suggested that Vitamin D deficiency could account for almost nine out of every ten COVID deaths.

Furthermore, studies investigating Vitamin D as early treatment for COVID also found a benefit, as did others testing its use as a prophylactic.

The current study found clinically significant benefits to use of Vitamin D in staving off infection.

“To our knowledge, this is the first controlled study evaluating the role of [Vitamin D] supplementation as a prophylactic measure to prevent SARS-Cov-2 infection and therefore has profound clinical and public health implications,” the researchers wrote.

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