Jewish children in the Diaspora
Jewish children in the DiasporaSpokesperson

Every year on both Memorial Day and Independence Day, Jewish communal organizations around the world hold events and celebrations, while acknowledging that many Jews living outside Israel are disconnected from Israel and the Jewish community, whether due to physical or emotional distance, fear of anti-Semitism, or simple lack of knowledge and awareness.

In order to bridge the gap for these families, the World Zionist Organization launched a special initiative this year to send out tens of thousands of packages containing Israeli flags and song books with Israeli songs translated into the recipients' mother tongue. The initiative is focused on Jews living in more peripheral areas, outside the main Jewish population centers, but packages were also sent to Jewish schools.

Packages were set to arrive in advance of Independence Day, to enable the recipients to celebrate in the privacy of their homes. Countries in which the initiative was launched included Argentina, Uruguay, France, Belgium, Italy, Spain, and the United States.

Neriya Meir, head of the Diaspora department at the WZO, said: "The State of Israel is the country of the Jewish people, and this festival and the flag belong to all Jews, not just Israeli citizens. Our great challenge in this generation is to connect the Jews of the Diaspora with Zionism and Israel, using innovative means. By sending out flags, song books, and fun activities, we can reach into Jewish homes and connect people to the biggest miracle of our times - the establishment of the State of Israel. Families who received our packages were so moved, and their response proves that we are an eternal people."