Luba Mosko
Luba MoskoIsrael National News

Luba Mosko, the mother of Philip, who was killed during the Second Lebanon War, spoke to Israel National News at the Memorial Day ceremony on Mount Herzl Wednesday and explained the strength and encouragement she receives from the thousands of visitors to the cemetery on Memorial Day.

"In my life it is the most important day because I see our people and I am proud that people come. And not only the bereaved families and friends, but also people who do not know the fallen but come and ask us to tell them about our sons and daughters and it warms my heart, gives me hope and strengthens my faith," she said.

"I very much hope that our people will be more and more united. Such good people come here and they come out even better," she added.

לובה מוסקו, אמו של פיליפ שנהרג במלחמת לבנון השנייהערוץ 7