Fire (illustrative)
Fire (illustrative)Anar Tausig/TPS

Firefighters and volunteers from the Yehuda Regional Station worked Tuesday night to extinguish a fire which broke out in an apartment in the city of Beitar Illit, Kikar Hashabbat reported.

Initial investigations show that the fire was caused by an electric bicycle that went up in flames. In an examination of the scene after the fire was extinguished, the tefillin (phylacteries) were found to be the only item which survived - though even their bag was burned.

Fireman officer Avi Ben-Sa'adon, who was shift commander, said, "Upon receipt of the report, teams from the Yehuda Regional Station were sent off. Upon their arrival at the site, they identified an apartment engulfed in smoke, which apparently was caused by an electric bicycle which went up in flames."

"The firefighters worked at the scene to fully extinguish [the fire] and acted to release the heat and smoke. As they worked in the apartment, they found a burned tefillin bag, but the tefillin in it were still whole.

"I request and emphasize: Take precautions while charging electric bicycles. Do not leave them charging without supervision, and especially do not charge them during the night. In addition, use only the original battery. Also, when it is finished charging, disconnect the bicycle from the electricity."