Mastering the Art of Healing Through Movement
Mastering the Art of Healing Through Movementצילום: סימה סידו

Throughout our lives, we all experience moments and situations that can influence our bodies and minds for better or worse. It takes effort and practice to heal your body and mind—and it takes even more to teach others to do the same.

The Israeli College of Internal Arts is committed to helping more people share the power and healing that comes with tai chi, qigong, and neigong. Founder Amir Perelman is training instructors to share these practices with others so that they can also master the art of healing through movement.

Who is Amir Perelman?

Amir Perelman is a 55-year-old devoted practitioner, therapist and teacher of the ancient Chinese art of movement. During his four decades of daily practice, he has refined his talents and embraced his commitment toTai chi, Qigong, and Neigong.

Studying with some of the greatest Masters of the 20th century Amir has been fortunate to discover Chinese energetic medicine in his early twenties, having the personal example and guidance of his three main teachers. Master Wen Shu Yu from whom he learned the art of internal art . Master Yang Jwing Ming his |tai chi teacher and Professor Johnson with whom he studied medical qigong.

For the last Decade he has been teaching qigong and treating patients with Chinese energetic medicine in his clinic, today he is the founder and chief instructor at the Israeli College of Internal Arts, an institution that is dedicated to exploring the Chinese healing arts. At the college, Amir helps to train future instructors on how to help others heal their bodies and minds and achieve true strength and vitality.

Using Qigong for Health and Overall Wellness

Qigong has been around for thousands of years, and though it once began as an ancient practice aiming for self recognition, a reunion of man and nature, it has transitioned over the years into a widespread global practice that is more focused on healing, developing a stronger mind body connection and general wellness.

Moving the body in coordination with conscious breathing and a calm mind can have countless benefits, and qigong promotes these benefits at every turn. Focused on dedicated movements, poses, and specialized breathing techniques, qigong has been reserched in recent years by modern scientists for its healing properties treating fibromyalgia, arteritis, as an aid to cancer patients and is highly recommended as a healing practice that can powerfully influence the entire being—from body to spirit.

As a practice, qigong is a powerful tool for increasing blood flow, qi flow and mobility. These changes can have a lasting impact, with some studies showing that regular qigong practice can even help with physical pain and the discomfort associated with aging or recovery from trauma.

The mental benefits of qigong are also worthy of note, with several studies reporting that qigong can help the mind in several ways. Lessening depression, increasing focus, balancing mood, and fighting fatigue are all potential benefits of this practice.

Our New Qigong and Tai Chi Instructors Program

All around the world, there are people in need who do not know how to heal their minds and bodies. Qigong instructors can help their students to embrace a powerful practice with several health benefits, which is why the Israeli College of Internal Arts is so committed to helping more people become instructors in this niche. Already, our graduates are serving in health centers, senior homes, schools, and private clinics.

What is it and how does it work?

The qigong and tai chi instructors program is, in its simplest form, an Academic course. Spanning across a 3-year program that is focused on movement and healing, the history and philosophy behind the practice. Future graduates can learn about their bodies and minds while also gaining key insights to share this information with others. The program offers two diplomas throughout its 3-year program—a MQP (medical qigong practitioner) certificate, and a TJI (tai chi instructor) certificate, allowing graduates to enter the field with a fully comprehensive understanding of how to guide their own students.

Does the Qigong and Tai Chi Program Meet International Standards?

Our program is designed to meet international standards, and it is made to support students from a variety of different backgrounds. Taught in Hebrew, English, and Russian, this program has been created to meet international standards and cater to an international audience.

Study on Your Own Schedule at Home

Serving a global audience means being able to meet the needs of a global audience, and we believe that the best way to do this is with online resources. Our online program makes it possible for students to study in their own homes and on their own schedules. Lessons are recorded in advance and available for review all year long.

Growing in Your Practice by Guiding Others

The benefits of qigong cannot be overstated, but many find that the practice is more fulfilling when it is shared with others. Our courses allow you to support the people around you by empowering you to share your knowledge and meet the needs of people. Our students are teaching all over Israel in homes for the elderly, schools and even hospitals. As Amir puts it “you teach you learn” knowing how to pass the knowledge requires a deeper level of understanding, as you help others learn the instructors are refining their skills and completing their own learning process.

Additional Opportunities to Learn and Grow

If there is anything that Amir has learned during his time practicing qigong, it is that there is always more to learn and deepening your internal skills is a lifelong journey. With this in mind, the Israeli College of Internal Arts also offers additional opportunities for students to practice and live, take time to experience neigong and develop their internal skill. Our school’s desert retreat allows you to explore the art of neigong twice a year, helping every participant to better know themselves and understand the path flow of bio-energy and the human energetic matrix. empowering them to gain even more skills to share with their own students and deepen practice. For many these retreats are a life changing experience creating an island of inner peace building a bridge into ourselves to reconnect with our true spiritual identity’ or as the Chinese call it our original selves.

Start Your Journey

The interest in qigong will definitely continue to grow as more people realize how beneficial this practice can be. Offering both qigong and a tai chi instructors program, we are happy to help more people focus on their health, improve their lives, and share these tools with those around them. To learn more about how we can help you begin your journey, feel free to contact us directly. We are always ready to help our students take the next big step forward.

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