MK Maklev
MK Maklev Hezki Baruch

MK Uri Maklev (United Torah Judaism) on Monday morning said that the Likud party is sowing unfounded illusions concerning everything regarding bringing down the government.

"The Likud does not have deserters sitting on a shelf," Maklev told Kol Hai Radio. "That is maybe a wish. We need a new government in this Knesset, not new elections. We are against new elections. It is too dangerous a gamble."

Slamming the current government, Maklev said, "The government relies on the Arab parties, and certainly the Joint Arab List will help them. I hope that the Joint Arab List will keep its promise not to involve itself on religious issues. The government needs to move past the laws it dreamed of passing, especially [Religious Affairs] Minister [Matan] Kahana (Yamina)."

Regarding the proposal to end the option to have a filtered "kosher phone," Maklev said, "I don't think that the Communications Minister is supposed to get into such little details by means of regulation. There is no market failure here, the cheapest prices for cell phones are the ones for the kosher phones."

"What he is doing is harming the haredi community. He is not allowing a haredi person the freedom to choose as he wishes. There is no monopoly, there are 4-5 companies which allow easy transfer between them. Even in third-world countries they do not interfere this much - not just in democratic countries. He has no right and no authority to interfere on this level. Every person has the right to buy a limited device. We cannot interfere and force him."