Prime Minister Bennett with Foreign Minister Lapid
Prime Minister Bennett with Foreign Minister Lapid Hezki Baruch

In his opening remarks at the start of this week's cabinet meeting, Prime Minister related to the recent terrorist attack in the city of Ariel in Samaria, in which a security guard was murdered.

"During Shabbat, a security guard was killed in the city of Ariel, Vyacheslav Golev, who was just 23 years old. He was murdered while shielding his fiancee, who was working with him at the security barrier, with his body, thereby saving her life. This amazing couple had just started out on their life together. Our hearts are broken. Security forces have already apprehended the two terrorists, just as they succeed in laying their hands on every other terrorist," Bennett noted.

"Let us remember Vyacheslav along with all our other heroes. This wave of terrorism obligates the security forces to stretch themselves to their limit. I ask in the name of all of us, all government ministers, that we thank and support the IDF, the Shabak and the police, as well as all those who head these agencies. I'm talking about people who, for the past few weeks, have barely spent any time at home. They're on the seamline, in Jerusalem, in Jenin, in the north and in the south.

"It is now our task to triumph over this wave [of terrorism]; it is our task as the government of Israel and our task as Israeli citizens to show them gratitude, to support them, and to give them all the means they need to succeed in their tasks."

Bennett also referred to recent statements made by the leader of Hamas in Gaza, who called on the Ra'am (United Arab List) party to dismantle the coalition. "Yesterday I heard what Yahya Sinwar, Hamas' leader in Gaza, had to say - how he called on Mansour Abbas to dissolve the government. It's obvious that Hamas doesn't like our government. Maybe they're hankering after the briefcases stuffed with dollars [that they once received]; maybe they simply don't like the possibility of working together for the good of all Israeli citizens, of how we're providing a better quality of life for Arab citizens of Israel.

"This is a really important point," the Prime Minister stressed, "as it shows who wants what. The fact that Hamas wants to overthrow this government tells you all you need to know. We must not let Sinwar win."