Ceremony to celebrate the realignment
Ceremony to celebrate the realignment IDF spokesperson

Yesterday (Thursday), a ceremony was held to mark the realignment of the J6 & Cyber Defense Directorate from EUCOM to CENTCOM. The ceremony took place at the IDF Signal Corps Memorial, and was led by the IDF Chief Signal Officer, BG Yossi Karadi, the Director of the EUCOM C4/Cyber (EJC6), BG (*) Chad Radugue and Head of USCENTCOM J3/6, Colonel O'Neil.

Additionally, as part of his visit to Israel, the Director of the EUCOM C4/Cyber (EJC6) met with the Head of the IDF J6 and Cyber Defense Directorate, Major General Eran Niv. The realignment of the IDF from EUCOM to CENTCOM enables the strengthening of the strategic and technological cooperation between the two nations.

Additionally, last month, LTC "O." was appointed the IDF Liason Officer to the U.S. Cyber Command on behalf of the Spectrum and Cyber ​​Defense Division of the J6 and Cyber Defense Directorate. This is the first appointment of its kind, reflecting the strengthening of cooperation between the IDF and the U.S. Cyber ​​Command. As part of his role, LTC "O." will coordinate routine and emergency cyber defense activities between the two militaries, strengthen operational cooperation and facilitate the exchange of operational knowledge.

IDF Chief Signal Officer, BG Yossi Karadi stated 'The cooperation between the two organizations represents over 20 years of technological cooperation and deep friendship between partners who understand their shared mission - to develop and build strong defensive architecture for the State of Israel. Despite the fact that the official realignment to CENTCOM is only happening now, the partnership between our organizations has already existed for many years and we look forward to continuing our work with you.''