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Holocaust Survivor Lily Ebert, 98, was awarded Hungary’s Knight’s Cross of the Order of Merit in a ceremony this week hosted by Hungary’s UK Ambassador Ferenc Kumin.

At the event, Ebert’s great-grandson Dov Forman spoke about the bond he has with his great-grandmother, the UK Jewish News reported.

Forman, who has helped Ebert tell her story using social media, explained that his great-grandmother grew up in Bonyahd, which he described as a “a small suburban Hungarian village where her Jewish Orthodox, established family had lived for over 200 years.”

Ebert and her family were deported to Auschwitz in July 1944.

“My great grandma, her mother, three sisters and youngest brother arrived at Auschwitz on July 9. Lily’s mother, youngest sister and brother were sent straight to the gas chambers; they were gassed and cremated. She never saw them again,” Forman said.

He spoke about how he and his great-grandmother have used social media to share her survivor testimony.

Forman operates a popular TikTok account that Ebert uses to talk about her life experiences as one of the oldest members of TikTok at 98-years old. With her account, she educates about the Holocaust, shares the story of her experience as a survivor and answers questions.

Forman spoke about how he has helped her share her Holocaust testimony with users across the world.

“I still find it hard to comprehend all that she went through, and the courage and determination that she has shown throughout her life,” he said.

“When I was in the hell of Auschwitz I promised myself, if I survived against all the odds, I would do all I could to share my story, for myself and for those that did not survive. And I do. I am a witness,” Ebert told the audience.

“I speak to students because I want them to know what happened. But I know that there will come a time when I can’t do this any more. I am so happy that in the last few years I have been able to share my story alongside you all.”

Ebert continued: “You will continue to share my family’s story when I am no longer able to. The world should not forget the most terrible crime against humanity”.

The Knight’s Cross of the Order of Merit is the fourth highest State Order of Hungary.