The Rosa Luxemburg Foundation will host a "Nakba" event in its offices in Tel Aviv on the eve of Israel's Independence Day, calling for "de-Zionization."

The foundation is linked to the German Left Party (Die Linke), which describes itself as democratic socialist. The foundation also receives funding from the budget of the German government.

The event will be held by the "Zochrot" organization, which aims to deepen the awareness of the Jewish population in Israel of the Nakba. "As every year, our community will gather on the eve of the Independence Day of the State of Israel, the state that was established on the ruins of the lives of hundreds of thousands of Palestinian men and women and still prevents them from returning home," the event announcement reads. "We will meet to remember and also to think ahead."

"We will sit in a circle talking about activism, taking responsibility and how to use the imagination to pave the way for the reality of return, de-Zionization, justice and peace," it said.

The event was condemned by Israeli Zionist organizations.

B'Tzalmo CEO Shai Glick said: "This is crazy. Instead of the German government honoring the State of Israel, it continues to undermine us. Israel's Independence Day is a day designed to celebrate our freedom, which cost us dearly in blood after we paid for the cup of poison in Germany. We demand that the German government order the cancellation of this event and any activity against Israel. I call on the Foreign Minister to intervene and explain to the German Ambassador to Israel that a red line has been crossed in the financing and existence of this event by the German government."

Im Tirtzu CEO Matan Peleg said: "80 years ago they called Jews out, now they call Zionism out. The Germans learned nothing from history. No one is moved by the fine words of the German government, while their tax money through the party funds is used for terrible incitement and funding of subversive and extremist organizations aimed at discrediting throughout the world and harming IDF soldiers. In the past, the German people tried to eliminate the Jewish people through military force and extermination camps. Today German money is used to eliminate the Jewish state from within. History will not forgive you, we will certainly not forgive or forget."