Ukrainian tank
Ukrainian tankiStock

More than two months into the Ukraine war, Germany is reversing course and will send a shipment of tanks to Ukraine.

Previously, German leaders had ruled out such a move, with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz sharply criticized from political rivals and members of his coalition government for not supporting Ukraine militarily.

The sale of tanks, which was formally announced on Tuesday by German Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht at a NATO summit, will see Gepard anti-aircraft tanks and an assortment of anti-tank weapons transferred to the Ukrainian military, AFP reported.

Scholz originally stopped a sale of military hardware to Ukraine in February, citing a potential escalation of tensions with the Kremlin.

Ukraine has asked for military help from any nation willing to send arms since Russia invaded at the end of February. The United States and NATO have given Ukraine hundreds of millions of dollars in military equipment since then, Fox News reported.