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A new survey of 5,000 working women has found that over half are more stressed than they were one year ago, NBC News reported.

The study by Deloitte, which included women in 10 countries, was first published Tuesday by NBC News.

It found that 53% of women reported higher stress levels than one year ago, along with lagging mental health and a nearly-nonexistent work-life balance. The majority of women seeking to leave their jobs cited burnout as their top reason.

Flexible work was offered only by one-third of employers, the survey showed, and 94% of participants were afraid that asking for flexibility would affect their future careers.

Emma Codd, the global inclusion leader at Deloitte, told NBC News that "Sixty percent of the women that work in a hybrid way tell us they’ve already faced exclusions."

Meanwhile, 59% of respondents say they have experienced microaggressions and harassment at work over the course of the past year, but over 90% of these women were afraid that reporting the incidents would have a negative impact on their careers.