Firefighters (illustrative)
Firefighters (illustrative) Anar Tausig/TPS

Two people suffered severe injuries on Sunday night after a fire broke out in a four-story residential building in the northern city of Netanya, Israel Hayom reported.

A total of seven people who had suffered injuries were evacuated to Laniado Hospital, the report said.

Firefighters from the Netanya fire station rescued 11 people who had become trapped in the building, and ordered all of its residents to evacuate. They then gained complete control of the fire.

Naftali David, head of United Hatzalah of Netanya, said, "There are two people who were seriously injured, two people who were moderately injured, and four whose condition is light."

"With the help of medical staff from five United Hatzalah ambulances which arrived at the scene, and with the help of other volunteers from United Hatzalah's motorcycle unit, we provided initial aid to the residents who were rescued from the building by the firefighting teams."

David Abuzmil, a United Hatzalah ambulance driver, said, "The firefighting forces evacuated the victims to us. [They] suffered from breathing difficulties due to smoke inhalation. Some of them were treated on the spot and some of them were evacuated for further treatment and tests at the Laniado Medical Center."