The forces arrest the suspects
The forces arrest the suspects Israel Police spokesperson

Israeli Border Police officers operating in northern Israel, working to calm the tensions following a serious conflict in the Arab town of Bi'ina, were called away Wednesday night following reports of a shooting in the area.

The forces arrived at the scene via possible escape routes, with the intent of locating and arresting the shooting suspetcts. During their searches, the identified a suspicious vehicle driving fast in the Galilee Arab town of Deir al-Asad, and called and signaled for it to stop.

The driver of the suspicious vehicle identified the forces and while attempting to escape the squad car, he hit it and was arrested. The driver and the three passengers who were with him were arrested and taken for questioning.

A search of the vehicle revealed a 9mm pistol which the suspects attempted to hide, pistol ammunition, scarves, and a knife.

The collision, however, left two Border Police officers lightly injured, and they were evacuated for medical treatment.