Rabbi Michael Mark H"YD
Rabbi Michael Mark H"YDSpokesman, Har Hebron

Corporal T. Mark, who was seriously injured in a 2016 shooting attack near Hebron in which she lost her father, Rabbi Michael (Micki) Mark of Otniel, will be honored for her excellence on the battlefield during an Independence Day ceremony.

President Isaac Herzog Mark will present a medal of honor to the young soldier.

Two additional family members: The woman's mother and older brother were also wounded in the shooting. She was 13 at the time of the attack.

Yediot Ahoronot reported that Mark will receiving the medal for her exceptional bravery during anti-terrorism operations in Judea and Samaria.

"My mission is to protect my homeland," Mark told the newspaper. "I'm sure Dad is smiling from one ear to the other, and is very proud of me," she added.

After the horrific attack, in which she managed to rescue her parents from the overturned vehicle, she lost her brother Shlomi in a motorcycle accident in March of 2019.

"It was a blow we did not know how to deal with, how to manage, how to contain another loss. But life takes on great meaning when one realizes that death can come at any moment. The memories of my father and brother live on in me, and the values ​​they taught me help keep me going," she recalls.

Mark says that the tragedy is what has allowed her to continue growing as a person: "I take part in thwarting terrorist attacks in Judea and Samaria, just like the one that overtook my family."

"Sometimes I pass by the scene of the attack and utter the blessing of gratitude to God: 'Blessed is He who performed a miracle for me in this place,'" concludes the standout soldier.