Security forces on the Temple Mount (illustrative)
Security forces on the Temple Mount (illustrative)Yonatan Sindel/Flash90

The clashes on the Temple Mount have resumed, ahead of the last time Jews will be permitted to ascend the Mount until the end of the Muslim holiday of Ramadan.

On Wednesday, Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett announced that due to the Arab violence on the Temple Mount, the site would be closed to Jews beginning Friday and through the end of Ramadan.

According to Arab reports, on Thursday morning, security forces entered the site and closed the worshipers in one of the mosques.

Footage from the scene shows that the forces used riot dispersal methods after the rioters attacked them with stones and fireworks and tried to harm the police officers from within the mosque.

Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh called on Muslims to come en mass to the Temple Mount on Friday, and to show their presence.

"What is happening at Al Aqsa is bullying which will lead to shortening the life of the occupier, who will eventually leave Palestine," Haniyeh said. "Just like we defeated the Flag March, we will defeat the policy of immodesty. We are only at the beginning of the battle."

Activist Ayelet Lash responded, "The riots on the Temple Mount have begun. Why on earth is the Mount not closed this morning to cutiepies?! After two weeks of violent and animalistic riots on a daily basis, why is the Mount open to them at all?!?!?"

Lash's Facebook posts have been targeted by anti-Israel activists several times and her account suspended by Facebook following posts mentioning Arab violence. As a result, she uses a variety of code words to refer to the Arab sector, including "cutiepies," "the sector of youth," and others.