IAF fighter jets on Wednesday night attacked a military post and the opening of a terrorist tunnel which leads to a central underground structure with chemical raw materials used to manufacture rocket engines.

The IDF Spokesperson’s Unit said that the attack would lead to significant damage to the rocket production process in the Gaza Strip. The attack was carried out in response to the rocket attack on Sderot on Wednesday evening.

"The Hamas terrorist organization is responsible for what is happening in the Gaza Strip," the IDF statement said.

In a subsequent Israeli air strike, fighter jets attacked a military compound used by the Hamas terrorist organization's air defense force, in response to a Hamas anti-aircraft fire that occurred during the IDF’s first attack.

“The attempt to hit the planes failed, no damage was done to the aircraft and there were no injuries,” the IDF said.

The IDF also attacked and destroyed positions for launching anti-aircraft missiles in response to Hamas' attempts to fire at fighter jets attacking the Gaza Strip.

Meanwhile, sirens were once again sounded in Sderot and the area shortly after 2:00 a.m. local time. The IDF initially said that four rocket launches were identified which were intercepted by the Iron Dome, but a subsequent investigation revealed that only one rocket was fired during the night, and that the sirens were activated due to bullet fire.

Around 2:40 a.m., additional sirens were heard in Sderot and the Gaza envelope. The IDF said that the sirens were sounded as a result of firing that was non-rocket related.

Sirens were sounded on Wednesday evening in the city of Sderot and in the localities of Ibim and Nir Am in the Sha'ar HaNegev Regional Council.

Terrorists from the Gaza Strip fired one rocket that exploded in an open area near Sderot. Shrapnel from the rocket hit a yard and a car in Sderot. A fire broke at the scene. There were no physical injuries, but four people were treated for anxiety.

Police announced that sappers were called to evacuate a "rocket-type item" from a yard in the city of Sderot.