Hamas leaders
Hamas leaders Abed Rahim Kateeb/Flash90

The Hamas terrorist group has expressed its satisfaction with the decision of Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett to bar MK Itamar Ben Gvir from approaching the Damascus Gate of Jerusalem's Old City.

As of the time of this writing, no agreement has been reached between police and the organizers of a planned flag march around the Old City walls, due to the organizers' insistence that the march pass by the Damascus Gate. Police have responded that due to the violent confrontations between Arabs and police at the Gate in recent weeks, the march must bypass the flashpoint scene.

Writing on its website, Hamas rejoiced that, "Following the threats of the organizations of our struggle, Bennett has decided to prevent Ben Gvir from appearing at Damascus Gate."

Hamas added that the organization had issued a warning to the "occupiers" against all "stupid" actions such as the Korban Pesach or a Flag March near sites that are considered holy to Islam. Last week, the "Returning to the Mount" organization announced that monetary prizes would be awarded to any Jews who succeeded in sacrificing the Paschal Lamb (Korban Pesach) in advance of the Passover festival and that even attempting to offer the sacrifice would be rewarded.

Hamas also stressed that Israel bore responsibility for all the consequences of such "provocative" actions, and insisted that the repeated "incursions" of "Zionist settlers" into the Al Aqsa Mosque would not alter the Islamic character of the site.