Isaac Herzog
Isaac HerzogKobi Gideon/GPO:

President Isaac Herzog on Tuesday spoke with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. The conversation took place following the Turkish president's request to hold a conversation with the president in the wake of security tensions on the Temple Mount in recent days.

The President's Residence said that "the conversation took place in a good spirit and with openness."

The Turkish President opened the conversation by wishing his Israeli counterpart, the State of Israel and the Jewish people a happy Passover.

The president stressed that contrary to false reports, the state of Israel is careful to maintain the status quo and freedom of worship, especially during this period, so that members of all religions can celebrate the holidays safely - Jews, Muslims and Christians, as he also clarified during their meeting in Turkey last month.

Herzog added that many efforts have been made by the Israel Police and security forces to allow daily prayers to be held by Muslims on the Temple Mount, despite the provocations and incitement provoked by various factors.

The president added: "We must not listen to the voices of incitement and false propaganda. The public looks to the leaders of the region and expects us all to show responsibility and bring calm to the holy days of all religions and beliefs in the region."

The president wanted to emphasize that violence of any kind should be condemned, noting in particular the case in which Jews were attacked on their way to the holiday prayers at the Western Wall.

The President of Turkey has expressed concern and pain over the events of recent days. In the conversation, the Turkish president emphasized that the status quo in the holy places is very important to the Muslim world and that he is happy to hear the clear statements of the Israeli leadership regarding its preservation.

He added that he was concerned about the events of the last few days and the harm done to innocent people, and asked that in the spirit of the President's important visit to Turkey, they continue to work together to maintain peace and tranquility in the region.

The two agreed that they will continue to be in constant contact and even in the event of disagreements, with the aim of calming the spirits and strengthening relations between the countries.