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Ukraine Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal sent a personal letter to Chief Rabbi of Kyiv Rabbi Yonatan Markovich and the Ukrainian Jewish community, on the occasion of Passover.

"Passover is the day when believers commemorate God's miracles for the Jewish people, liberation from slavery and spiritual and physical independence," Shmyhal said in his letter. "For Ukrainians and Jews alike, freedom and independence are a central aspiration and the most important value."

"During this difficult time, when the enemy arrived in our country, millions of Ukrainian citizens, regardless of ethnic origin, displayed incredible courage and resilience, defending our desire for freedom and liberty with weapons in hand, rescuing civilians from shelling, and volunteering. The whole world has seen the national unity of our people."

In a conversation between the two, Ukrainian Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal thanked Rabbi Markowitz for his mobilization to save the citizens of Ukraine, the rescue of those in need, and assistance to those in need of medicine, food, and medical equipment.

Thousands of Jews were still left in Kyiv, unable to purchase water, food and medicine. Rabbi Markowitz is currently conducting a fundraising campaign, "Saving the Jews of Kyiv," for the purpose of purchasing food and medicine for those who remain in Kyiv and cannot be rescued. Most of them are elderly and sick Holocaust survivors.

Chief Rabbi of Kyiv Rabbi Yonatan Markovich said: "On my behalf and on behalf of the Jewish community in the whole of Ukraine, I thank Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal for the warm blessings. In the bombed-out Kyiv, there are still thousands of Jews in need, and Jews and Israelis living in Kyiv and Ukraine. "