Homesh Flash 90

At least 10,000 people intend to participate in a Tuesday morning march to the destroyed Samaria village of Homesh, secured by the IDF.

The IDF has reached an agreement on the matter of security, and organized shuttles will transport the marchers. Private vehicles will arrive at Brown Park, and from there the marchers will take shuttles to the march's starting point, and the dozens of buses will arrive directly to the spot where the march begins. The marchers will then march around two kilometers, from the area of Shavei Shomron to Homesh.

At Homesh, camping sites, bouncy castles, and arts and crafts corners for children will be set up, and there will be an event honoring Religious Zionism's most important rabbis. At 3:30p.m. there will be a mass event to support Homesh's yeshiva.

Buses will take participants who arrived by private vehicle back to Brown Park at the end of the event.

"Over 70 buses and 1,000 families have signed up for the event and declared that the time has come to remove the blockades from Homesh," the Homesh Yeshiva said. "Especially in these days, together with the IDF we will arrive at Homesh and make clear to all our enemies that the nation of Israel lives on and will not fold in the face of terror. The right thing to do is to approve the yeshiva in Homesh and allow us to live normal lives at the site."

Samaria Regoinal Council head Yossi Dagan said, "The nation of Israel demands to return to Homesh. Today thousands will come here and call, 'Enough. Enough of the blockades before Homesh, enough bringing down the nation's spine. We want them to allow the Homesh Yeshiva to continue its activities.' Am Israel chai!"